International Youth & Teen Programs

With increasing frequency, teens and their parents are recognizing the importance of possessing an aptitude or fluency in a foreign language, and the social and educational benefits of an intercultural experience abroad. For a variety of reasons, ranging from the cultivation of additional skills to enhancing the probability of gaining entrance into the university of their choice, foreign language proficiency and intercultural understanding for teenagers is becoming very important.
In an effort to supplement language learning taking place at home, many parents seek the opportunity for their teenage sons or daughters to take foreign language lessons in the country where the language is spoken. Language and culture immersion abroad...
  • Provides a greater lesson intensity than is usually available in a domestic, non-immersive setting.
  • Provides a "living laboratory" which enables students to learn how the language is used in everyday life. Foreign immersion language training allows students to use newly developed language skills to interact in the local culture, and further reinforces skills learned in the classroom.
  • Allows students to truly learn how locals live, determine what they feel is important, and why they do the things they do.
  • Builds confidence. For many individuals of all ages, the thought of being placed in a foreign atmosphere can be intimidating. Learning to interact and thrive in a foreign land allows students to gain confidence and self-reliance.
  • Allows participants to meet others from around the world who have similar interests. Lifelong friendships often develop.
For 45 years, NRCSA has recognized the importance of communication in foreign languages, as well as the need for intercultural understanding in an increasingly international society. NRCSA has developed a number of programs over the years to facilitate the language and culture learning process. Realizing that teenagers have very different requirements than other language learners, NRCSA has created programs specifically geared towards teens' interests, security, learning abilities, and other unique needs.
For more information on Teen Programs, please review the enclosed pages. If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact NRCSA.
  • "You have a very good selection of study options in Spain; the price was excellent (this was critical); and your staff was unbelievably helpful. The program offered even more than the brochure indicated... I took my 15 year old daughter to the program and I was extremely impressed... My daughter has hated studying Spanish heretofore, but the two evenings I was there to pick her up, I could hear her laughing in her conversational class. She was truly engaged! The quality of the Saturday tours are extraordinary... I actually took three 15 year old girls to the program and visited the two housholds they were divided among... Both house mothers were warm and welcoming. The girls were very fond of the "Moms"... My daughter had a fabulous time there. She learned in spite of herself and she loved the kids and loved the life they lived... I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. It is everything and more that I was hoping she would experience. I think it is without a doubt one of the best summer values for kids this age. Thanks to all of you at NRCSA for your time and help. This was a 10!" - Lynn. Washington, DC Mother of Eden

  • "My daughters have had the good fortune to be part of summer programs through NRCSA. Each step of the way is taken care of, from registration details, to being met at the airports, transfers, everything. Food, lodging, supervision is professional, fun, and tasteful. In fact, my youngest daughter returned this past summer for a second time." - Phyllis. New York, NY Mother of Larisa and Samantha