About TeensAbroad.com

Welcome to Teensabroad.com - a division of The National Registration Center for Study Abroad (NRCSA) dedicated to serving the young adult community!

Since 1968, NRCSA teams have been evaluating programs around the world - and selecting those we consider to be the best in their respective areas. Our mission is to improve international understanding through educational exchanges. NRCSA welcomes participants of all ages, nationalities, and occupations.

For young people, a foundation in intercultural and international experiences helps to foster empathy, build confidence, enhance communication skills, and connect with the world beyond their immediate borders. Studying abroad specifically offers a unique opportunity to understand the world around us in a way just being a tourist could never do - through living other people's language, culture, customs - while having the time of your life, and making good friends from all over the world!


  • Over 300 US universities have formal programs with foreign schools in the NRCSA Consortium. Most focus on foreign language immersion training and area studies. Others specialize in business, education, art, etc.
  • Teachers from over 1,000 school districts have attended NRCSA member institutions abroad over the past years to pursue graduate credit, in service credit or simply to expand their professional competence.
  • Working adults, retirees and professionals attend many NRCSA programs. Most pursue vocational or avocational interests abroad. Foreign short courses frequently combine lectures with fieldtrips or cultural events providing an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience. The Wisconsin Department of Public instruction has reviewed and approved programs offered by most NRCSA Centers Abroad for ECU (equivalency clock hours). Hundreds of US colleges have awarded credit to their students who have attended these schools.
  • Our experience working with peope of all ages helped us to create the more highly refined and tailored programs specifically for teenagers that you will see listed here at teensabroad.com under the 'Supervised Programs' section. For older teens, those with a lot of experience abroad, etc - we also have a selection of unsupervised programs where teens can join adult programs. Unsupervised teen programs are not for everyone, but can be a good fit for the right kind of student.

Students, teachers and administrators from the following school districts and schools make up only a small percentage of K-12 participants who have studied on NRCSA programs in the past.

Albany School District
Albuquerque Public Schools
Anderson Valley School District
Arrowhead High School
Aurora Public Schools
AZ School for the Arts
Bishop Loughlin Memorial H.S.
Boise Public Schools
Boston Public Schools
Boulder Valley School
Calistoga Unified Schools
Campbridge Public Sch
Case H.S.
Central Union School Dist.
Chatham Hall School
Chicago Bd. of Educ
Chisum Indep Sch Dist
Chula Vista School District
Cincinnati Public Schools
Columbus Elementary School
Columbus School Board
Cy-Fair Indep Sch Dist
Dade Cty. Bd. of Educ.
Dallas Public Schools
Danville School District #118
Decatur School District #61
Dekalb School System
Denver Public Schools
Dufur School
Eagle County Schools
Eaglebrook School
East Central H.S.
East Troy H.S.
Edon Northwest
Elgin Academy
Elmbrook Schools
Escondido School District
Evansville Schools
Fairfax Cty Public Schools
Fontana Unified Sch Dist
Fresno H S, Cty of Fresno
Friends Seminary NYC

Ft Worth School District
Fulbrook High School
Gadsden School
Georgetown Day School
Gilbert Public schools
Glen Hills Middle School
H. Lehman H.S.Holton-Arms School
Howard Public Sch Sys
Huntington Beach Sch Dist
Indian Prairie Sch Dist 204
Jackson HS
Jackson Jr. H.S.
Jefferson School Dist.
K-C MO School Dist.
Kenosha School District
Lansing School District
Lincoln Public Schools
Lindengurst Pub Sch Dist
Lompoc Schools
Long Beach Unified School District
Lower Merion Sch Dist
Matheny School
McMinnville School District
Mesquite, TX PS
Milwaukee Public Schools
Mission View Elementary
Monterey Public Schools
Montgomery Bell Academy
New London Bd. of Educ.
Newmarket High School
Newport High School
Niagara Wheatfield District
Nicolet High School
Norace Mann School
Notre Dame Academy
NY City Board of Education
Omak School District
Oyster River High School
Pajaro Unified School District
Palm Beach Co. Sch. Bd.
Petaluma High School

Phx. Elementary Sch Dist 1
Portland Public Schools
Poway School District
PS 84
Ravenswood School District
Richardson School Dist.
Rinkerton Academy
RMHSRochester City School Dist.
Rochester Community Sch
Sacromento School Dist
Salinas Schools
San Bruno School Dist.
San Jose Unif. Sch. Dist
San Marcos High School
San Rafael City Schools
San Ramon Schools (Marg.)
Santa Ana Unif. Sch Dist
Sasem Public Schools
School Dist. 4J
School Dist C-LL 195
School District of Philadelphia
Scott Highlands Middle School
St. Helena School district
St. Helena Unif. Sch Dist
St. Louis Public Schools
Stockton Unified Schl. Dist.
The Peddie School
Tri Valley Schools
Turtle Creek Elem.
Union School Dist.
University High School
Ventura Cty School Dist
Wash. Elem. Sch. Dist
Waukesha Public Schools
Wenatchee School Dist.
Wilton Montessori School
Winchester Public Schools
WUS School District
Wylie Independent School
Xaner College Prep
Young Adult Institute