Meet Some of the Faces of NRCSA &

NRCSA staff are all people with a passion for travel and intercultural experiences. We know first hand the major impact an experience like this can have on our own lives, and those around us - and we want to help YOU have a great study abroad experience, too! Below are just a few of our staff you may be talking to when planning your trip abroad:
Anne Sedushak  --  With NRCSA Since 1997
"My first study abroad experience was at age 8, studying Spanish language and culture in a small town in central Mexico.  I went abroad with my mom and brother for one month...and that sparked a lifelong interest in travel, language and culture.  My interest in all things international has taken me to visit 28 countries so far - and counting!  I have also studied abroad in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Spain and Italy - and back in the U.S. many years later they were the inspiration for starting my graduate studies at the School for Advanced International Studies in Washington DC (Johns Hopkins University). From the traditional backpacking through Europe, to village hopping in China, and on to exploring the jungles of Ecuador and climbing Machu Pichu in Peru - you can say I was bit by the travel bug! I find that working with teenagers is especially inspiring, because the younger you have these experiences, the more they shape and can have a positive influence on your life.  I now have my own daughter, and look forward to when she is old enough to start taking part in experiences like this herself."

Sarah Damonte Vegas -- With NRCSA Since 1990
"Since I first studied abroad in 1988, I have been active in helping others explore and experience the joys of authentic immersion travel. My love of languages and exploration has allowed me to live in Peru, Spain, Italy and Argentina for anywhere from 1-3 years each. I have traveled extensively in Europe, Mexico, Central and South America and enjoy sharing my experiences with others. I have two sons and we enjoy traveling internationally as a family. As a parent, I know that there are many issues that arise before, during and after a trip abroad so I spend as much time as needed with TeensAbroad families to help them at every stage."

Natalie Owen -- With NRCSA Since 2011
"Hello! My name is Natalie and I am an enthusiastic supporter of cultural exchange. I grew up in the midwest and did not have the chance to travel internationally until I was in college. My first trip abroad was a tour of southern Europe that I planned for a three generational family-- actually, my own! We had a blast stopping for street-side pizza in Rome, gazing at the ruins of Pompei, bartering at markets in Barcelona, and serenading one another on Venecian gondolas. It was by far our most memorable family trip, and one where everyone enjoyed themselves. I primarily work with TeensAbroad/NRCSA evaluating programs and leading groups."

Joan Schaeffer  -- With NRCSA Since 2011
"Before coming to NRCSA, I taught Spanish and French in public high schools for over 35 years in New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. As a teacher I always enjoyed leading groups of my students to Spanish-speaking countries and used NRCSA extensively during this period to arrange the programs. After retiring from teaching I asked to join NRCSA's team since I enjoyed their professionalism in arranging my group programs and having a continuing passion in languages and international cultures. Each year I plan several groups, which I escort, for teens and teachers and enjoy answering questions from the perspective of a former NRCSA participant."

Stephen Wittig -- With NRCSA Since 1998
"I have evaluated programs, attended classes and participated in conferences about study abroad in 32 countries around the world.  My experiences abroad are a large influences in my personal and professional life. Over the years, I have really enjoyed working with teens, their parents and others interested in learning foreign languages and having unique experiences studying abroad. I am heavily involved in the oversight of TeensAbroad/NRCSA programs and enjoy finding the best locations and programs for our participants. I welcome any questions you may have about our programs or selection process. If you ever need anything I look forward to talking with you!"

Mike Wittig -- With NRCSA Since 1968
"I founded NRCSA/TeensAbroad in 1968 with the goal of bringing the world, its languages and cultures, and people together. Throughout the years I have enjoyed watching the world's cultures combine and see the rise of multiculturalism. I believe the mission of NRCSA/TeensAbroad is more important now than when we first started as borders become smaller, cultures of the world come together and bilingualism is an important part of the workplace. We started with the motto, Live the Language – Learn the Culture, since knowing another language is only a small part of being able to communicate with cultures around the world. I look forward to speaking with anyone interested in our programs or other inter-cultural interests."