Why Send Your Son or Daughter to Study Abroad with NRCSA?

ExcursionsNRCSA is one of the most experienced and longest operating private US providers of foreign immersion language and culture training for teens.

Since 1968, NRCSA has provided language, culture and recreational programs to over 25,000 teens at 40 approved centers worldwide.

We appreciate that different people have different priorities when studying abroad, and we look forward to assisting you and your son or daughter in achieving your shared objectives.

NRCSA provides a level of service, expertise, program customization, and overall results not available through other sources of foreign language and culture training.

Over 500 US and Canadian high schools and universities currently have formal programs with NRCSA and its consortium schools. Teachers from over 800 school districts, staff from approximately 1,400 corporations, and personnel from over 75 US government and non-governmental organizations have attended NRCSA programs.

NRCSA staff have visited and evaluated thousands of language schools offering teen and other language and culture programs around the world, and only utilize those we consider the best based on our evaluative methods. Program quality and participant satisfaction are of vital importance to NRCSA and our consortium schools.

NRCSA in the Media:

"Placing people in programs suited to their special interests is the aim of the National Registration Center for Study Abroad."
- The New York Times
"Vacations involving language study allow travelers to immerse themselves in a culture in a way that a traditional vacation may not... The National Registration Center for Study Abroad can help you choose a language program that is right for you."
- San Francisco Examiner
"But the beauty part of (NRCSA) is that it shines light on things the average American traveler would be unlikely to learn about any other way."
- Boston Globe