What is a TeensAbroad Program?

There is a lot of information on the TeensAbroad website, so perhaps a quick overview may be helpful. Let's take a look at a sample TeensAbroad program outline:

1. Arrival
Teens are picked up at the airport by a local coordinator when they arrive in country and taken directly to their lodging.

2. Lodging and First day
About 90% of our teen participants stay in local family homes, allowing for an in-depth cultural and linguistic experience – not to mention an extra pair of eyes making sure that all is well! Many different types of host families are available, and we attempt to select the best match for each student or family attending our program. All families are carefully screened and must meet NRCSA and the local center's stringent requirements before being accepted as a host family. All host families are middle-class and live in homes and areas that are attractive and safe. Some are single parent families, others are traditional families, still others are multigenerational.

The first Sunday is spent with the host family, getting acclimated and ready for their program. Teens settle in to their room, unpack and share a delicious home-cooked meal with the host family. (All meals are provided, for the duration of their stay.)

On Monday morning teens are taken to the school where they receive a full orientation and foreign language assessment in order to be placed in groups according to their level in the language. Group classes begin that same day.

3. Schedule of Days
Monday through Friday the days are split between language classes (usually 3-4 lessons each day) and fun activities ranging from trips to the beach or sightseeing to sports, crafts and more!

Evenings are spent with the host family or in activities organized by the local teen coordinator and often include music and games. Curfews must be respected and are strictly enforced.

4. Excursions
Fieldtrips and excursions are an important part of the TeensAbroad experience. At least once or twice a week teens are taken to see the sights, participate in cultural exploration and travel to tourist spots, chaperoned by local program staff.

5. Insurance
NRCSA and TeensAbroad strive to provide the best international learning experiences - but our greatest concern is the well-being of those who register for our programs. Since the same unforeseen problems occur abroad as at home, NRCSA has included basic medical and accident insurance in all of our programs for the past 30 years.

Insurance is included in all NRCSAand TeensAbroad programs at no additional cost. Coverage limits are as below.

  • * $25,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • * $10,000 Accident/Sickness
  • * $ 5,000 Emergency Reunion
  • * $ 7,500 Repatriation
  • * $ 5,000 General AD@D
  • * Bilingually staffed 24 Hour, 7 days a week Emergency Hotline
  • See http://www.nrcsa.com/about_nrcsa/insurance.html for terms and additional information.

There are a variety of different TeensAbroad programs as we know that not every child is the same. Some want to be surrounded by international kids while others are looking to be completely immersed with local folks. We have teens that love the beach and teens that prefer big cities. Some have special requests for music lessons, specific sports or the possibility to volunteer while abroad. The NRCSA and TeensAbroad staff works with families and their teens to find the best fit for their goals and needs individually as students and travelers.

We could go on and on, but perhaps best would be to let the teens tell it:

“ I really liked meeting new kids from all over the world and traveling with them to many historical and interesting sites.”
Jack, high school student, Valencia, CA, USA

“I am definitely coming back next summer - hopefully for 2 or 3 weeks. Right now I am 16 years old - and this summer I came with my mom. But I enjoyed the program so much and felt very secure throughout the trip - that next year I hope to come back alone (or with a friend.) Thank you for giving me one of the best times of my life!”
Lauren, high school student, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

“Greatly expanded my knowledge of the French culture and language which will greatly help me in my French classes and my future.”
Jessica, high school student, West Boylston, MA, USA

“ I chose this program because it was the best that I found on the internet with a volunteer program, language classes, and in a Spanish speaking country. The whole program was beyond my highest expectations. My family, the school, the friends I made, the whole cultural experience were amazing!”
Charlotte, high school student, Lagnieu, France

“The best part was meeting people from around the world and learning so much about foreign cultures.”
Carlin, high school student, Bennington, VT, USA

“ I enjoyed most, being able to learn about other cultures by spending time with my host family, and exploring. Basically everything was enjoyable. This program was wonderful, everyone before and during my trip were so helpful and kind, it made the experience once in a lifetime.”
Teresa, high school student, Salem, OR, USA

NRCSA and TeensAbroad programs welcome students from all over the world with diverse foreign language abilities and interests. Feel free to call us at +414 278 0631 or send us an e-mail message and we will be more than happy to help you find the right program for your family!